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Type : Deciduous, Vines / Ground Covers

Sun Exposure : Full Sun, Partial Shade

Water : Regular Water

Planting Zones : TS (Tropical South) / Zone 10, TS (Tropical South) / Zone 11

Rangoon Creeper

Plant Details

This plant had early botanists scratching their heads for some time. Translated from the Latin, its name means Who? and What? The confusion stems from the fact that the plant is shrubby in youth, then becomes a scrambling vine. Its flowers also change color with age.

Native to Burma, Malaysia, New Guinea, and the Philippines. In south Florida and South Texas, where it is hardy, it climbs to an eventual 30 feet.; elsewhere, it may reach half this size in a season. Rich green, oval, pointed leaves with prominent veins grow to 5 inches long; new growth is covered with brownish fuzz. Fragrant, long-tubed flowers up to 3 inches long are borne at stem ends during summer. Blossoms are white at first, then change to pink and, finally, to red. Rangoon creeper is easy to grow and tolerates most soils. Prune to shape after flowering.


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